Fuel Ox Star Plus (Sludge Dispersant & De-Icer) 8oz.

Product Info: A multifunctional heating oil additive that protects fuel systems from freezing while maintaining the fuel system condition.


  • Reduces pour point by 25 degrees
  • Contains anti-oxidant components to prevent degradation
  • Improves combustion and fuel system efficiency
  • Prevents sludge buildup
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel system
  • Reduces filter plugging and clogging
  • Removes water
  • Prevents microbial growth
  • Reduces fuel related service calls

Recommended Usage: 8oz treats 275 gallons

Winter Use: Before the onset of cold weather, pour one 8oz bottle of Fuel Ox Star Plus directly into fuel tank for every 275 gallons.

Summer Use: To stabilize fuel for off season, double dose to ensure peak fuel system efficiency.

Price: $15.50